Best Gadgets in 2018 you Can’t Resist

The emergence of new items and technologies is no longer a new thing today. Every year, people always have something to look forward to when it comes to innovative gadgets and unique devices that help improve the quality of their lives. From home appliances to mobile devices and computer, there is a limitless variety of technological products to take advantage of and enjoy.

Every item is packed with excellent features and functions that bring great possibilities for users.

Now that it’s 2018, have you start searching for incredible gadgets to add to your collection? Or maybe, you are looking for a specific item that will be of great help in fulfilling your day-to-day activities. The options are many, and sometimes, people are even overwhelmed with the choices.

If you are searching for the best gadgets in 2018 but don’t know where to start, this guide will help you in the process. Here is a list of some of the most exciting devices and items you should definitely have.

  • Tablets

Are you in need of a new gadget for this year? Your search will never be complete without coming across with the stunning tablets available in the market these days. Tablets are becoming more feature-filled and sleek than ever. This year, you will find snappy devices that, though low in term of their price tag, are highly efficient for streaming, social networking and web browsing. You can even access a vast library of TV shows and movies you will surely love.

  • Smart Speakers

These are not your ordinary speaker. Smart speakers today will help you play songs, get answers and control your device using just your voice. You can listen to audiobooks, playlists, music and take advantage of high quality sound from a high-excursion speaker you will love. This is a perfect gift item that your loved one or friends will enjoy.

  • Robots

When it comes to new technology, robots will never be behind of the game. Robots that can teach you how to code are incredible. They are actually growing in popularity these days. Some of the best things about this technology are that they are intuitive and easy to use. They are also designed to educate and teach you not just the basics but also the most complex ones. It is a full-spectrum, highly interactive coding teacher that can take anyone from intermediate or beginner to a seasoned professional.

  • Smartwatches

Do you want to have a watch that not only can tell you the time but also allow you to make and receive calls? If you, then you will definitely adore the newest line of stunning Smartwatches today. With improved performance and more features, you will surely love having them on your wrist. Different companies are now launching and have launched sophisticated smartwatches that meet the growing demands of the users. They are filled with great features like extended battery life for you to enjoy lengthy usage.

  • Augmented Reality Glasses

From smart watches, you can now take full advantage of incredible smart glasses like the augmented reality glasses you can now purchase in the market. The best thing about these glasses is that they do not just protect your eyes from the glaring sun. They are also designed to give you information. Wearers can use them to ask for things like the directions and weather. There are more promising possibilities await every user when it comes to this technology.

  • SmartPhones

The best smartphone in the world are now available for you to enjoy. Tech companies introduce a variety of stunning gadgets and SmartPhones that are works of art. With great camera, long battery life and dazzling display, you would love to have them in your hands. Cell phone companies seem to manage to find some other incredible innovations during a time when there is quite a little to be found in smart phones.

  • The Best Laptop

As reported by, Whether you are a student in need of intuitive gadget to finish your homework or someone in the corporate world looking for a smart device to help you with your efforts, the best laptop is something you should definitely have to boost your performance and productivity.

Laptops in 2018 are becoming thinner, more portable and sophisticated than ever. Light, think and portable, these gadgets are a winner this 2018. They are a serious champion every individual should definitely have.

  • iPad

New iPads this year are more powerful and sleek. They are also well-priced, so they will surely fit your budget. They also provide access to more than a million of impressive apps and excellent library of video content and music. Just choose a brand a model that will match your needs. You can certainly find a perfect iPad with the right features and added function that will cater to your specific requirements.

  • Gaming Console

Do you love playing online games? Are you tired of your old gaming console that does not provide the best services and functions you want? If so, then why don’t you switch to the latest products for gaming you can find out there? You can now find a perfect gadget that provides 4K gaming without the need of any expensive laptop or desktop computer. The latest gaming consoles today are compatible with all the best PS4 games, so you can enjoy an all-day weekend gaming with your loved one or just by yourself.

  • High-end Headsets

Whether you are looking for a perfect gaming headset or a gadget that will allow you to enjoy high sound quality every time you listen to your favorite music, you will love the best headsets in 2018. You can never go wrong with this year’s new headsets that come with state-of-the-art features. They deliver supreme comfort and excellent sound. Some even have ultra sensitive microphones that are great for making online calls or gaming.

Browse the web and search for the ultimate gadget that matches your needs. As you do so, you will find a lot of exciting devices with stunning features you will surely love.

Personal SWOT Analysis Discover Your Opportunities and Eliminate Your Threats

Personal SWOT analysis is a simple and powerful tool to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats around you. We have covered the topic of strengths and weaknesses

This article will cover the piece on identifying the new opportunities, match your strengths and resources/capabilities to it and identifying and managing the threats in the competitive environment. The SWOT matrix can help you to know where you have and the best strategy to pick.

Personal SWOT Analysis

List down your strengths identified in last session. List down your weaknesses/ area of improvements identified in last session
What is unique about you? What does others see as your strengths? Separate the weaknesses into 2 categories
What is your passion/interest? What is unique in you (your strengths/talents) to achieve the your passion/interest? (1) Weaknesses that you can manage through leveraging/delegating to others.
Think deeper into your interest/passion – what you have that will give you advantage and competitive edge towards others? (2) weakness “pitfall” which can cause your downfall/unable to achieve your personal goal
What is the opportunity around you which is open to you? What threats do your weaknesses will expose you to? Aware of the potential impacts/consequences
Can you turn your unique talents into opportunity? For (1) weaknesses that you can manage through leveraging/delegating to others – refer the opportunities column
Is there demand against your unique talents? Can it create a biz oppt (career)? For (2) weakness “pitfall” which can cause your downfall/unable to achieve your personal goal ==> you need to understand the harm it can cause you, what the competition (if any) is doing?
Think about your passion/interests and look around you – is there any good opportunity around you? For (2), it is important for you to develop an “attack” or “defend” strategies suitable to mitigate your weakness. You need to take proactive action to improve it e.g. attend development class, have support group etc.
Managing your weaknesses: In areas of your weaknesses, look for available resources/people/tools who you can leverage to fill the gap. Ensure you have a good process/ways to monitor the results and know what is going on.


Identifying opportunities and threats can’t be done in silo, you need to understand and know your strengths and weaknesses before doing this exercise.

Identifying new opportunities is looking at your talents/strengths, link it to your passions/interests, and look at your environment, and whether there is demand for the talents? Can you create the market niche? Can you turn your strengths into opportunities?

Sometimes, identifying opportunities doesn’t come as straight forward as it should be! You may need to fine turn your talents to meet the market demands. However, to be able to work on your area of interests/passions will sustain you and continue to motivate you! If you know you are good in it, and probably the best in the field, you will continue to persevere!

At the same time, you need to identify threats around you  identifying what is your pitfall is important. You need to able to manage/elimate it.

Doing a Personal SWOT Analysis and writing it down help you to visualise your current position better and where the new opportunities and threats lie! And it help you to strategize better to achieve your personal goals.